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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

download (2)How to choose an electronic payment services?

Your business must choose an electronic payment service that meets your business needs. Your business needs can vary whether you have a brick and mortar business, an eCommerce website or a combination of the two. Itemize what your business needs are and then consider what you are interested in as a consumer and make sure they line up. For instance, security is quintessential and many consumers verify the presence of a secure website before making a payment.

What are the security risks with an electric payment service?

When you choose a reputable electronic payment service you will minimize security risks. Most payments systems come with security certificates ensuring that the website your customer processes their payments on are encrypted. As an online business you must reinforce the protection offered by electronic payment services by providing customers with end-to-end protection through the use of hardware and software on your end in addition to the security provided by the electronic payment service.

How do I ensure that the electronic payment service will be compatible to my website?

In order to ensure that you can integrate your electronic payment system into your site effectively, you must research the technical specifications. Many electronic payment providers are developing processors that are compatible to a variety of different sites therefore you want to verify that the platform you built your sit on is on the compatibility list.

Are there electronic payment services that come with technical support?

Yes. Actually, technical support is an essential consideration. You want to make sure that the electronic payment service you choose is available to assist you with any problems you may run into during deployment and ongoing once you have the system operational.