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A new kind of startup

A new kind of startup

It’s no big surprise that trends within startup companies have slowly changed during the last couple of years. Due to economic changes, but mostly because of the internet revolution we can see more and more companies making use of a so called ‘shared economy’.

Travel Redefined by the Sharing Economy

So what exactly are we talking about here? We’re talking about relatively new companies who are taking a new approach when it comes to reaching their customers and creating revenue. Online platforms like Kickstarter started out a couple of years ago. Now it is one of the most popular and important crowdfunding platforms on the internet.

New businesses

Kickstarter let people present their ideas for new products or small businesses like the now famous Pebble E-Watch or the OUYA gaming console by Android. By letting go of the almost ‘old fashioned’ believe that companies are owning and people are consuming Kickstarter allows for a more collaborative approach.

People with great ideas can share them with the world while people who like the ideas can fund the projects by giving (often) small amounts of money to the creators. This way both consumer and producer are helping each other to get what they want.

Performance-Marketing-Solutions-for-the-Travel-IndustryAnother nice example of this within a different context is Withlocals. This Dutch based online traveling platform allows for travelers to get in contact with locals and make use of their services like eating a meal or taking a tour around town. Travelers tell where they want to go and the platform hooks them up with locals in the area who are willing to share their food, activities and talents for a small price.

When applied in less developed areas, for instance South-Eastern Asia, the ‘Withlocals principle’ can create great opportunities for both parties. Whilst travelers gain this ‘authentic and unique local experience’ the people living in the area can earn money and enhance the local economy. A nice private tour in Vietnam for instance becomes a lot more interesting when some of the local farmers show you how they make a living in their village.